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Defiantly unapologetic, audaciously bold, and downright rebellious, Twisted Jezebel is a rallying cry for all hedonistic rule breakers. We're a gay-owned, gay-run gig that embraces the eccentric, the kinky, and the proudly risqué.

Our tale kicked off in early 2020, constructing and peddling portable rim seats. In 2023, we upped the ante with tanks and tees. The buzz for our provocative designs was seismic, so we've ramped up and diversified our product catalogue.

When it comes to customer service, we don't play by the rules of the modern-day slackers. We're sick of the lackluster standards and we're hell-bent on blowing your expectations out of the water. Check out our reviews here and on Trustpilot!

Though we churn out Tots right in our backyard, we also join forces with high-quality suppliers around the globe. This ensures you get top-tier products that don't cost you a fortune, and helps us in our mission to reduce waste. Puzzling over why our playthings top the charts? It's simple - we put them through the wringer ourselves, and only the crème de la crème earn a spot on our roster. While we aim to have most products catapulting through your door in record time, the universe's whims of demand and location may influence delivery times for some items. So, keep an eye on those product descriptions for estimated shipping timelines.

As for why Twisted Jezebel? We're tipping our hat to the infamous Queen Jezebel, a forever symbol of the unchained hedonist. And 'Twisted'? Well, that's just us embracing our dark, kinky Jungian shadow, strumming the chords of our deepest desires. Too long held in check. So, slip into something from Twisted Jezebel and let your freak flag fly. Stand up for what you believe, wear your kink on your sleeve, and join a tribe that basks in the delightfully deviant side of us all.

Our Codes:

Privacy Policy: Sure, we've got Google Analytics nosing around like everyone else, analyzing how you romp on our site, and Shopify has its own beacons. But considering the risqué realm of kinks, we swear on our leather boots to never use web-tracking/social media pixels. Rest easy, your web escapades here won't be dinner talk for social media sites.

Refund Policy: Regrets? We've heard of 'em. Anything pristine and uncracked can be sent back within 30 days. If your product took a beating in transit or if it just doesn't hit that quality sweet spot, you can also return it unused within 30 days. Doesn’t fit the above? Trust us, we'll bend over backward to make sure you're grinning ear to ear with your purchase.

Terms of Service: Selling or swapping your info with other folks? Not our style, unless the law's knocking on our door. You won't find social media trackers on here, except for Google Analytics which we use to keep our site running right.


Shipping Speed: We partner with international suppliers to offer competitive prices, which means shipping times can vary. Products like Rim Seats, Pig Sheets 360, Tees, Tanks, Sweats, etc., typically land at your door within a week or two. However, toys, cages, & the Original Pig Sheets might take a bit longer, depending on demand and where you're located globally. Dive into individual product descriptions for estimated shipping times. Remember, since we work with different manufacturers, your ordered items might make their grand entrance on separate days.

Shipping Costs: Are you on our turf in the US? Shipping's on the house! Elsewhere? We'll determine shipping rates at checkout, but many items often ship free too.

Tracking Your Order: Stay updated by entering your order number and email at our tracking portal: twistedjezebel.com/pages/track-your-order. Here's a heads up: Our international treasures sometimes tango with Customs before racing your way. Even if tracking numbers stay static while awaiting customs clearance, we're keeping a close watch.

Customs: While our range of products, from toys to tees and tanks, generally breeze through Customs without additional fees, Tots can sometimes be subject to Customs charges. These fees differ depending on your country. While we cannot guarantee if or when such fees will be levied, you can refer to your country's customs policies to gauge potential costs. Rest assured, Rim Seats like all of our products, are shipped discreetly. They come in a plain cardboard box, and for Customs purposes, bear the harmonized code 732619. This code indicates the materials (iron & wood) used in their construction. If required by customs, the Tot is identified as a camping seat. In our experience, DHL is the better shipping option for sailing through Customs.

Need more info or have questions? Don't hesitate to touch base: customerservice@twistedjezebel.com. We're committed to ensuring your shopping experience is smooth and enjoyable.