🤑 The Tyranny of the Fat Tax

🤑 The Tyranny of the Fat Tax

🤑 The Tyranny of the Fat Tax

The "fat tax" is a devious practice aimed at those big, beefy bears so many of us love. What is a “fat tax?” It's a dark incantation whispered by brands, convincing us all that any of those thicc boys 2XL and above deserve a punishing price tag.

Why? Because, supposedly, more fabric equals more coins. But here’s the unholy truth: this rationale is as hollow as a priest's promise to protect the innocence of a preschooler.

Let's slice through this illusion here and now. Does fabric usage spike drastically more between an XL and a 2XL than between a M and an L? Does the meter suddenly start spinning uncontrollably? No, it doesn’t.

Now, is there a significant difference in fabric usage between a S & 4XL? Absolutely! And that is the psychological trap. If it truly was about fabric, each size would appreciate in respectively. The reality is that this isn't about fabric; it's a shackle imposed on the bear gods among us.

At Twisted Jezebel, the fat tax stops with us. Yes, our vendors often charge between $2 to $4 for larger sizes, but we’ll be damned if we pass that along. Why would we ever want to punish our bears? We adore our bears, revel in their magnificence. Our only lament is that we can't wrap more of you in our sinful threads, that our vendors don't conjure up larger sizes and more diverse colors for our grand deities.

Here's our unholy vow to our big, beefy, bulls: As we grow, as our power swells, we will leverage every ounce of our might to offer more. More sizes, more colors, more everything. You won't be taxed for being fabulous, for being grand, for being more. That's our promise, sealed with the ink of the abyss. Because here at Twisted Jezebel, every extra inch is just more of you to love.

**Stay Twisted.** 🖤


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